Major Awards

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In my imagination, this blog has won numerous awards.

In reality, it has won just slightly fewer.

However, here is a sampling of some of the very nice, not at all nice, and sometimes bat-shit crazy things my commenters have offered up.

I so look forward to your epistles. Afterwards, though, I have to drink a quart of scotch to recover. When are you going to write that damn book? I want to read it by the feeble light of streetlamps as I huddle in my cardboard box, sheltering from the drifting snow.

Written by one of my nicest supporters. So I will say nothing weird, cynical or sarcastic.


I’m not kidding.


I am starting, finally, to become suspicious of your patriotism.

Testimony to how slow on the uptake my readers are.

Normally, I do not respond to such ignorant homophobia…[ ]

I will spare you the ensuing 12 PARAGRAPHS! But I wanted to include this because I particularly enjoy successfully baiting the sarcasm-challenged.

Excellent commentary from an amazing intellectual mind! […]

Posted on this blog by mistake.

[W]e’re f..ked.

Bested by one of my visitors, who says in two words what I’ve been trying to convey with millions.

Remarkable. I only learned about Only Sayin’ today (thanks, Crooks and Liars) and don’t think that I have read political commentary as thought provoking, and as easy to read, in quite awhile.

Brilliant stuff.

Yeah. Thanks C & L for sending me people who say shit like this!

Absolutely the best blog I’d never heard of…
Lucid, witty, articulate, sophisticated.
I’m now a fan

To all those blogs everybody has heard of–IN YOUR FACE!

For the record, I am an Alan Alda type feminist, progressive life-long DEMOCRAT and WHITE SOX FAN! Fuck Hillary and her CUBS!

Only included here because it is “for the record.”

Snark of the highest order.

(Had to Google “Snark.” Turned out it’s good.)

I especially like the she-goat part. Never would have thought of that myself, you sick mofo.

“Mofo” is also good in my strange world.

…like Andy Rooney’s wit but with his head outside of his ass.

On the fence about this one. I fucking hate Andy Rooney.

Yes Im with u! Heroes fuckin sucks and it irratates me to death every time I turn on the tv they are fuckin screening it again and again! I hate it for its concept for its extremely-corny crap and most of all I hate sylar and whatshisstoopidfuckinname petroli

Note: The post in question had nothing to do with the tv show “Heroes.” But apparently if you want to attract readers so enthusiastic that they comment without even looking at the content, you should just use the word “heroes” a lot.

Heroes. Heroes. Heroes.